Presentation of initial prototypes, scenarios and design concepts

This was an interesting week the official presentation for our final year project was yesterday. Each person presented so we got to see the interesting projects being worked on so that was a treat and an opportunity to learn something.

‘Curious Room’ was explained using wireframes, sites maps and prototypes of possible outcomes for design. The wireframe and flow of events diagrams have been updated as well as the colour scheme from greens to blues. Help was received from two tutors and this was a great help to me to see what questions were missing from user profiling and requirements. The scope of the project so far seems to be manageable¬†and will work within work break schedule.

Included below are some images from the actual presentation. For this project different snap points will be used to create the website and possible mobile application – let the building begin!


FEB 15__HOmePageFEB 15_About Page

Login and what Curious Romm is about.

FEB 15__ScenarioOne_StepCHECKBOX FEB 15__Secenario1-Req-Step -One

What Meditation is and on the right the options are ‘successful’.


FEB 15__S1_Yes_2 Avatars_medFEB 15__S1_TWO_STAR_RATED

Screen shot of users interacting with Meditation screen and on the right: afterwards a simple feedback area.

FEB 15_Change Avatar _Page FEB 15_Comments _Page

Choosing an avatar on the left and the comments area for users to leave comments.


Mobile Screens for Curious Room


Choosing an activity on the left and moving to the most right and screen: two avatars meditating




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