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Today has been spent doing more research of web applications and websites that publish news. The news this week is that the Independent in England is going to stop printing of some of its weekly print run, here is the article outlining the cut of the Sunday edition edition so it is really apt that our first project in Evolving Web Technologies involves this subject matter.

Today I looked at traditional news sites like Reuters, CNN Yahoo and more traditional ones such as the Irish Independent. Task analysis are being carried out to determine the use of space, grid systems and use of columns with responsive designs. These are included here as research.

As a matter of statistical interest I am including a link to this site ebizmba that lists the numbers of readers of the 15 most popular sites monthly:



Reuters American News Site

Huffington_post three_columns

Huffington Post  English News Site


Yahoo News Site

This is being included as it is so popular, it is mostly sensationalist and includes a lot of advertising but is worth looking at nonetheless!


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