After deciding what to do for my final year project – I got a great idea I did not ask for. A great idea for a changing world. Poetry for teenagers – a dojo for poetry and words if you will. A place where teens could visit and safely meet others with a similar interest and creatively explore the English Language. Although some would say poetry is in decline there is a strong presence of its growth on the internet as this article from The Telegraph suggests: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/3560735/Poetrys-popularity-soars-online.html

English and use of language is ever changing as it is in use everyday – speaking, texting, posting to media sites. But what if there was a way to improve communication and grow a language, organize some new skills? After viewing a  video yesterday I was inspired by a statistic that stated that there are 540,000 words in the English language. About 5 times as many words as there were in Shakspeare’s time!  Shakespeare

Ideas for different parts of my website include but not limited to…

Why poetry is cool.

New Words (person adds new words to community for feedback)

Old Structures Serving New Purposes

Journalistic Styles or not – when to choose.

Why learning vocabulary is good for you.

Word Games – not scrabble put something simpler & shorter to finish (like anagrams).

Other inspirations for this application that could be a website with user logins (to prevent abuses etc.) and a place where young people have a voice. There would be more thinking involved composing / writing actual pieces so I think. All published material and rights would belong to the end user. There could be competitions and different categories from sonnets to the long verse. It is a business model that could attract advertising from magizines and digital publishers who are expanding on the internet year on year.




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