Curious Room: LogIn & Seious placement issues of CSS

Last Week Tuesday April 19th Onwards:

Got some tutuors to look at curious room project so far – the landing page was criticized for not having a navigation bar and looking a bit bare. Thinking I had some time I decided to put a navigation bar with no links into to see how it looked. This was a bad move it was confusing on two levels:

  1. The suggested navigation on the landing page, login page and registeration page served no purpose.
  2. In Codeigniter I now had two navigation bars that were too similar and this was confusing but it took me a full three days to see why.
  3. This issue of having two navigation bars confused me in COdeiginiter about here the opening and closing was for the page as a whole. (see image)
  4. After sound user testing and feedback from users in industry and persons not in industry  from (Tuesday April 19th – Saturday April 23rd)   I decided to take the navigation out.
  5. After this exercise I realise I lost many hours and I could kick myself for listening to anyone but myself!

Lesson Learned:

– Listen to my gut instinct MORE. Stop relying on the opinions of others.

– I need to learn every style rule about CSS, it is unpredictable when i am not 100% on what exactly something is styling. When i know exactly how the CSS is styling I have more control over what I am rendering on the page.

So last week due to this major hiccuip it took me a full 24 hours to rectify in css, codeigniter and to test it to see if it worked. I will not put the fix up here but it is working. It was simple but tricky!

THis is what I got working last weekend.

  1. User login
  2. User registeration

I did this by using an example project from the php class and I am using this code as base code to get my project working. There are good features in the code and my hope is to get some more functions working for Curious Room around them.


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