Curious Room Report

This week was interesting – lots of graphics were drawn but CSS was slow, firstly media queries would not work properly. I had to include the min & max and not just the max as I had done successfully in an earlier project. Then my navigation decided to act up. On the upside I had lots of fun experimenting with flexbox for my menu but alas it did not work. Another effort for the digital grave! No doubt there will be a price to pay for time ‘wasted’ in the coming weeks …..



I am having great trouble to get simple jQuery to work and the weekend was spent developing a nice looking media player that does not work, yet! Here are some screen shots of my user feedback development screen and about screen. It is still unclear to me how I will get the html integrated with php as I am finding it impossible to de-bug initial work. More challenges await….This creative world is a crazy gig – my deep desire is learn new ways to execute creativity¬†but frustrations loom large; relying on old techniques to render new ideas. Yes the digital paradox.

Oh and I forgot to push to bit bucket so that is next on the list! A link will be posted as soon.




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