New Site Added for Creative Multimedia Programming side of things…

I am on my fourth or fifth blog for the course in multimedia at LIT so far so good.

Below is an image featured in my latest installment. I am fond of the color and getting used to using the blogger tools provided by google. Wow the interesting world of google – it is very dense for sure learning about analytics, site verification etc.

Here is my latest blog post entitled:

Creative Multimedia Programming


Today as a matter of record Meta tags were added as a simple method over the google tag managers. Tag Managers were deployed last week and seem to be working but advice has been given that the meta tags are simple and easy to use. Google tag managers require registering or the site if there is trouble verifying the site – google forces you to get a container snippet by creating a google tag manager account, crating a container and then by copying and pasting the container code.

An easier way to do this is to use an alternative, the meta tags and paste them into the head for the site.

For the above site I also accessed this list to manage the account:

google analytics,

administration property settings.

Blogger generates a site map so this is taken care of.


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