Project/Idea Approval….

Today I received approval for my project idea. The next thing to do is start my research phase of the project and tighten up the tasks and furthur orgnise the work flow. The next milestone is next Monday, 1st February when a research report is due.

Next week there is a ‘dead’ day on the 3rd February so this will throw the overall project out by a week unless the instructors are willing to see us in lieu on Tuesday or Thursday.

I had a brief chat about my second idea but that was discarded for my first original idea. My final project will be a space to have downtime within working hours. This will be monitored by issuing virtual tokens. After a period of time a company could analyse each participant to see if this extra downtime has a positive impact or not on productivity. The users will be able to choose avatars and choose from a panel of engaging or not activities. One constraint is that employees will not be able to use this downtime to do or run personal errands. The idea is to promote switching off by doing yoga or a game and to see if this impact is worthwhile for companies.

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