Research Delivered Yesterday

My news site project for Emerging Web technologies looked at lots of sites over the past 12 days to determine what features work, don’t work and what styles of responsive design is being used with more popular sites. I will add prototyping images here tomorrow but some more need to be considered for the site and I would like to keep them in one blog post. Looking back I am glad I did a task analysis on each site and I feel more confidant about what I am doing.

Yesterday we got our first lesson in Git and using the server to push our code up from the command line. What appeals to me most is the idea that once the code is up on Bit Bucket any changes from the previous commit can be seen and analized. This is exciting and I just got a glimpse of it on a classmates computer but it is great. No doubt there will be some learning the commands and getting into another habit on the mac side of the machines we use in college.

Below are images of my sign in to both Bit Bucket and Git Hub accounts.



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