SiteMap and Wire frames

Today was a follow on from basic site maps from last week

Activity Concept2

Basic Activity Concept Diagram



Front End / Back End Initial Diagram

site map OPTIONA and B

Site Map using options of User Option A & User Option B

User A is to use the meditation app alone. User Option B is to use the app with another individual.

Then some prototyping took place as the following images show. At this moment it is not possible to border the images so I will put the up now and re-edit tomorrow.


landing Page Prototype Only


Protptype – After Login – Avatars Available

Page THREE Prototype-Long-Partner

Prototype – Choosing an Avatar

Page Four-Partner-Request-Long-First-Pass-No

Prototype – Room Not Available

Page Four-Partner-Request-Long-First-Pass-Yes

Prototype – Room available


Single Use Person Meditating


Single Use Person After Meditating – Comment section and digital token update


About Meditating – Easily Explained but need a ‘How long’ & ‘Benefits part




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