Week 4 begins…

So far this week time has been spent looking at user requirements in further detail. Yesterday,  8th February in our project management module we looked into a critical path analysis in further detail,  as well  as as doing a level 1 analysis work breakdown structure. This diagram is what I will be using to help with develop requirements this project’s website.


Image: ‘I am Away’ Initial Work Breakdown Structure of requirements.


Today we looked at bootstrapping sites and the advantages and disadvantages to using one. This tutorial walks through the initial stages of laying out the css folders and linking. It is available here on tutorial republic’s website

Later on time was spent using css do develop a grid system with snap points. This is an option that may be used for this project. Although an account was created (ahem 19 days ago…) today was the first time it was installed locally on the PC in college so the code can be pushed  – this is the link to the first repository This tool needs to be investigated further to see if it is being used correctly!

pull request-For-Blog

Image of the first ‘push’ to Git Hub



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